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To provide enterprise IT and Network support for Chatham-Kent and the surrounding area. We wish to bridge the gap between the average end user and the network professional at an affordable cost for our clients.

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Who are we? – Network and IT support leaders for Chatham-Kent and area.

A small group of dedicated IT professionals. With over 30 + years of collective experience in networking and IT services. The team here at WPN Solutions have all worked for major ISP's and various corporate telecom companies. During that time we noticed a large technical gap between general end-users and small to medium sized business. We decided to create WPN Solutions to fill this gap and assist less technical users and small business owners improve their vital telecom services and networks. The WPN Team is very progressive and up to date with today's technology, ensuring you and your home or business keeps pace in today's changing market.


Our team of motivated professionals are constantly updating their skills and finding new and exciting ways to save you time and money. Our team can re-wire your location, set up and manage your internal network, set up your phone system, and build / host your website at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated on staff IT profesional. Each member of our team brings a unique and diverse skill set to the table and it is the combination of these skills that allow us to to do more, for you, for lower cost.

What do we do? – Network and IT support for both Home and Business clients.

For Residential locations:

WPN Home Telecom – Step 1:

Home telecom starts at the street. From there your services then go to your “Demarcation Point”. This is the point at which the service provider (Bell, Rogers, Cogeco) has determined your inside wiring starts and their resonsability ends. This is often in a persons basement, garage, or outside the home. Your services are then connected from the “demarc” to the lines running through-out your home.

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Our first priority here is to ensure the inside (client facing) lines are in good state of repair. Wiring can and will degrade over time and bad inside lines can cause additional charges from service providers if issues are located on the clients side rather than the providers. WPN Solutions eliminates this issue by testing the inside lines and updating them to local code (where required) to ensure your data moves as it should within your home. Older homes may have long, chained phone cables that are not up to todays standards for data transfer rates and connectivity. We can assess and repair these issues, ensuring our clients get the services they pay for, where and when they need them.

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WPN Home Telecom – Step 2:

Secondly we then connect to the demarcation point and test the incoming signal. Using this we can assist the client with their service provider, offer proven recommendations, and improve the over all satisfaction with their telecom services and on site hardware.

WPN Home Telecom – Step 3:

Finaly we can recommend hardware and configuration solutions for home networks. We will assist in set up and security for in home wifi, connection monitoring, and parental controls for child safely. We can troubleshoot issues with your connected devices and game systems to ensure less frustration for you and your family. Leaving you more time to enjoy your family and lifestyle.  

Additionally we do PC Repair and custom builds in the Chatham-Kent Area, one off private telecom service appointments (phone jack repair/move, etc) IPTV and phone support. (call 1-226-494-1777 (Chatham), 1-519-914-5895 (London) for pricing of individual requirements.)

Business Clients, Networking and Telecom services

What we can do for your Business:

Step # 1 - Assessment

We initially meet with business owners and get an over view of what their business requires from their network and telecom services.  We then inspect the wiring and on site equipment and recommend using what is there or upgrading to something more robust based on performance.  Once we get the confirmation we will generate a report for the client with recommendations for step 2.

Business networking

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Step # 2 - Optimization / Improvement

Using the data collected during the assessment stage we then create a report for the client detailing where improvement or optimization can enhance their workflow, and update their communications between both staff and customers.  We take a close look at the goals of the business and taylor our approach to the needs of the business NOT what will generate the most profit for WPN Solutions.  Smaller business doesn't need full time IT staff.  What they need is WPN Solutions network management.

Step # 3 - Deployment

At this stage we take the action plan from step 2 and rebuild a clients network in a way which causes the least impact on day to day service.  From the internal telecom wiring closet to each work station, the connections are tested and confirmed before completion.  Workstations are cleaned and optimized to improve employee time management.  Data back up security are then implemented and additional recommendations for service redundancy are suggested.  We can also custom build server and switching environments upon request.  In office wifi set-up and management included as required.


Enterprise network deployment

Additionally we do PC Repair and custom builds in the Chatham-Kent Area, one off private telecom service appointments (phone jack repair/move, etc) IPTV and phone support. (call 1-226-494-1777 (Chatham), 1-519-914-5895 (London) for pricing of individual requirements.)